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Comprehensive Treatment

For all Vascular conditions

The Center for Vascular Medicine provides non-invasive diagnosis and treatment for all circulatory disorders. Our world-renowned experts treat all vascular conditions and collaborate with other specialists across strong division of JIVAS since majority of vascular patients can be managed by best medical therapy.

About Vascular Medicine

Vascular medicine at JIVAS is a comprehensive program run by specialists (to control diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc) is a successful model for improvement of treatment goals of vascular risk factors. It plays an important role in prevention of disease, recurrence, progression and treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) – Atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases. Along with Life Change program, vascular medicine is the first line of treatment for all vascular diseases.

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Expert Team of Specialists

Ultra-modern Technology


Caring with Compassion

Comprehensive Vascular Care at a affordable cost

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