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AVF - Athreya Vascular Foundation

Objects of AVF:
The objects of the trust shall be relief of the poor, medical relief, education and any other object of general public utility. Without taking away the generality of the above objects particularly the objects shall include:

a ) promoting the science and practice of vascular surgery with special emphasis on its relevance and needs to and in the public in India and to bring about a public awareness in this regard.

b) To promote, support and sustain the science of vascular surgery and methods of treatment of diabetic foot problem (DFP) so as to make it a vehicle to cure and rehabilitation of the sick and suffering.

c) To support, sustain and maintain research in vascular diseases with special emphasis in diabetic vascular diseases and diabetic foot problems.

d) To aid and assist the poor patients suffering from diabetic vascular diseases, diabetic foot problems and similar disease.

e) To publish and bring out book-lets, videos, audios and other means of patients information in respect of vascular diseases.

f) To make available journals, papers and library and establish and operate web sites, internet facilities etc., relating to vascular surgery.

g) To promote, sustain and support the establishment and the functioning of vascular departments in universities, colleges and hospitals to bring about a higher standard of proficiency, academic and otherwise among vascular surgeons. To carry out, to fund and support training programmes in the above fields and to provide stipend, scholarships, etc., for trainees to prosecute their studies in this regard.

h) To establish drug bank.


Dr. K R Suresh

Dr. Vivekanand
Dr. Vishnu M
Dr. Sumanthraj K B
Dr. Girija K R

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